When was The Latent Print established?
March 2009

Where are you located?
San Diego, CA

How do I submit/What types of work do you accept?
Please read through the guidelines listed on our submissions page

How can I advertise?
For all advertising inquiries, please contact Camille.Tallon@thelatentprint.com

When can I expect a response regarding my submission?
The submission process can take up to 30-days. If you have not received a response from us within that time frame, we will be happy to respond to your email inquiries.

Is there a limit to the amount of work I may submit?
There is no limit on submissions. If your work is not accepted, you are welcome to submit new submissions for consideration

I have a large archive of work, how much can I submit?
You may submit as much work as you would like to share.

I’m a featured contributor, but I have some new work. Do I get featured again?
Your new work will go through the submissions process again. If accepted, your portfolio will be updated and be considered as a new feature.

How does The Latent Print support its contributors after they’ve been featured?
Our utmost obligation is to create a network of support to our artists and writers. Whether you have ideas for an event, need help promoting an upcoming event, or are looking for PR opportunities email Camille.Tallon@thelatentprint.com. You may also send event listings to Events@thelatentprint.com

I’m not from San Diego, but I have an upcoming event in town. Can I get featured on your site or blog?
Please submit your work at least 2 months in advance to allow our editors time to review your work and schedule your event for a blog update. For PR and interview opportunities, please contact Camille.Tallon@thelatentprint.com

I have questions about copyright and ownership of my work
All rights to submitted/accepted work remain with the contributor. For more information on copyright, visit our Submission Guidelines

Further inquiries? Email us at Info@thelatentprint.com