It’s difficult not to admire Alexander Jackson’s illustrations – works that are prime examples of intensive craftsmanship. Illustration, or drawing, is often wrongfully defined as merely a method of creating first drafts or doodling ideas, and yet Alexander’s work is a sum of hundreds, even thousands, of individual lines or marks, creating dynamic forms and flow in the process. From his maniacal creatures to his 13′ wide ‘Ellipse’, Jackson’s illustrations prove to be an articulate display of unparalleled dimensions and varying realities. To truly grasp the level of detail in Jackson’s work, we highly recommend taking the opportunity to see his work in person.

My work is an exploration of The Journey. I am concerned with evidencing temporal, physical, and philosophical alteration through drawn, scored, incised marks. Representing the transitory through the indelible. The line is established as a way of visually conveying the intangibility of time, of self-determination, escape, change, the anticipation of triumph or disaster.

By promoting a dialogue between the work, audience, and environment a conversation is initiated, blurring the boundaries that separate one from the others. This allows for a dynamic in which questions of identity arise. Lines of delineation dissolve with awareness of time and a deeper understanding of the surroundings. Assumption of the audience into the work forces an acknowledgement of one’s place within a greater context. Looking at and experiencing a work of art, like traveling to a far off place, is an invited change of perspective.