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A Gam of Lit Bones;
At the Anatomy and Zoology Museum in Paris


Tossed from the ballast of creaking deck, we sink.
Liquid weight lifts heavy lid and glares with heavy eye.
Cold element swallows brightness,
Choking down the limbs of arctic sky.
Wet pressure dulls the edge of sound.
We wallow in the mouth of night.

Above green chambers, pale islands coast
So slow they seem to exit time.
Baleen sheers the ambergris mind.
A leopard-seal chomps the dark.
A lark grotesque and voiceless,
He hoists and darts unfeathered bulk
And jaw at frantic flock of scales.
Leagues under, salt blue lightning cracks
And grinding rhombi thunder groans.

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A Gam of Lit Bones;
At the Anatomy and Zoology Museum in Paris


Then, years since, from a dream of cobalt lungs
Streams the local amber breath, breaching.
Death mends. Place tends again to clear:
A jointed wooden floor to pace ascends,
And unfathomed halls become immersed.
A pod of bones, buoyant, dances by.
Windless sun rays skim them,
Steaming skinless fins and rippling air.
Rib-cages soar in the knotty grain of space,
Soaking old walls with a polar moan.
Emaciate cetaceans sound the chase.

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A Gam of Lit Bones;
At the Anatomy and Zoology Museum in Paris


The red interior ocean thaws and curls.
Immediate structures unfurl the sail of light.
Those deep spots, they hold us, like glimpses
Of an absolute glance
From the final, convivial face.

Gaelan Gilbert is a reader, writer, and finish carpenter who currently teaches poetic literature in Europe. He was born and raised in Carlsbad, California and is beginning a PhD in medieval theology and dream-poetry at the University of Victoria, BC in the fall of 2010.

He is married to Megan Elizabeth Gilbert, an artist, Montessori teacher and excellent cook. He wishes he had been nicer to his brother when they were younger. In the spirit of all pre-Renaissance art, he hopes you’ll forget about him and enjoy his art, to the extent that it warrants such enjoyment. To Doxa Theo.