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A Sacred Relic

The ½ eaten peanut butter & banana sandwich of John Lennon is enshrined at Graceland. It is the mummified artifact of his last supper. How this culinary relic ended up in the temple of Elvis remains a mystery- even to this day.

It is a well known fact that the Beatles, John Lennon included, worshiped Elvis Presley for a time; before the Maharishi found a better use for their devotion.

Elvis’ light was dimming, as Lennon’s was growing brighter. Adoring fans of the King were aging and growing bored with his swaying hips.

American kids are always craving something new, and there they were-The Beatles, leading the British invasion- and all that hair…

Draining Elvis’ energy.

Draining Elvis’ Mojo.

Elvis invites the Beatles to his temple. Elvis invites them to Graceland, to play pool and visit truck stops. He shows them his velvet painting collection, each one a portrait of himself, a tear drop frozen in blue paint.

Elvis is the perfect host, he introduces them to his hot wife, Pricilla. They smile and exchange small pleasantries. They dine on Cheeze-Wiz sandwiches and cherry Kool-aid. Elvis tells John of his love of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, “John, you gotta try one.” So the sandwich is made, and set before Jon Lennon. He’s too full to finish it. But from that point on John Lennon adopts Elvis’ love for home-made comfort food

Elvis gives them ideas on how to star in movies, he records everything for the CIA.

4 tape recorders turn-

One records their voices-

One records their moods-

One records their fleeting thoughts that they would never repeat to anyone-

One records 7 years into the future-

That was 1964.

The last bits of a sandwich, the mundane elevated to the ranks of the sacred. Tangible trash, blessed by the saliva of a star.

Thomas Dillree is a resident of City Heights who enjoys writing poetry and flash fiction when the spirit catches him. He first started experimenting with fiction in elementary school, writing sitcoms involving his classmates. He draws a lot of inspiration from musical lyrics, particularly The Doors, David Bowie, and the Talking Heads. He likes to tinker with “what if ” scenarios, conspiracy theories, found objects and interesting aspects of his personal relationships.