(Photos taken on-site @The Thumbprint Gallery)


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The Cot

Daniel stuck in cot
two years old<

in corner of room
with mother and her
lover, Sheila

who still married to Ron
and living with them
all three of them
small house cramped
flaring short tempers.

Ron later put
barrel of colt .45
to right temple
splattering bright
white tile
in kitchen
for wife to see.

Daniel was in the cot
his mother and Sheila
making love
as they always did
with Daniel there
in each other
then, bang.

Johnny Tran is a San Diego-based writer with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from UCSD. Johnny’s poetry attempts to show the darker and grittier sides of society in order to gain knowledge, and an understanding of what it means to be human. His writing has been described by others as edgy and controversial at times, and draws influences from world events, politics, journalism, the Beats, music, and art.

Tran is also co-owner of Thumbprint Gallery, which hosts Stanza, a monthly open-mic poetry event every first Sunday evening of each month in North Park.